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Testing more airbrush paints (part two)

Tried out some more paints, this time comparing the results at different pressures as well. This time I’ve lowered the pressure just a bit to about 35 psi, which might still be a lot, but it’s always interesting to see what will happen. The first test is done with the gaianotes Surfacer EVO Flesh. Mixed […]


Airbrush paint tests (part one)

Finally got some time to try out the new airbrush and compare some paints. For these first test I used the “Tamiya Spray Work HG Airbrush III”, with the air compressor output left wide open at somewhere between 40 and 60 psi. I know, way too much pressure, but the best way to learn is […]


Gaianotes paints arrived

The paints from gaianotes finally arrived as well. Even though I picked speedpost, which should arrive in only a few days, it basically stayed waiting at customs for a few weeks. I spotted an unusual label, though. This one has Ex-BLACK in the English text where it should be Ex-FLESH.