6083 Decoder Replacement

For my grandfather’s model railway, I’ve been working on a custom low-cost drop-in replacement for the no longer produced 6083 Decoders.

The purpose of this board is to decode the digital signals on the rail track to control and power the magnetic turnout switches, which steer the trains left and right. It uses the same ICs for the decoding as the original board, as this required only minimal implementation, and works just fine for now. For regulating the power source, a more reliable and durable circuit was implemented, using common parts. The parts in the circuit that drive the magnetic turnouts are using a more modern component, to reduce part count, and for easier part replacement in case of defects.

Further posts detailing the design will follow.

In the future, I may replace the decoder ICs in the board design with a microcontroller-based implementation, as the decoder ICs are no longer in production, and this circuit doesn’t provide any protection against overheating the magnetic turnout switches.

JB6083-MM Back Clean

JB6083-MM Layout